Growing the Garden

We want to empower more womxn by creating an open archival resource full of inspiring, hard-working womxn in the cannabis industry and decriminalization movements. Hopefully, by reaching other folx who may be feeling isolated or unsure of joining / working in this field, we may grow this garden full of potential, diversity, and change. Forward from a history of intersectional oppression.

Female-identifying womxn make up 43.2% of the overall US workforce and on average make 81% of men’s salaries. In the 2019 US national cannabis industry, womxn made up 38.5% of the workforce and only 17.6% were at Director or Executive level roles. These industry numbers had declined over the previous 2-years in the cannabis industry, and the pandemic is increasing that decline across all industries. The scales are not balanced. The most prominent, and visible, womxn-led organizations are far and few between the reality of the saturated cannabis / hemp industries. This blog is organized by womxn from the industry who have experienced what it’s like to be in male-dominated teams.

Weed is a beautiful plant that attracts all sorts of people. The cannabis industry is full of annoying dudes. At some point in their careers, womxn will experience the frustrations and discrimination that can come with working in a boys’ club (microaggressions, downplays, disempowering comments, gaslighting, harassment, exploitation, etc.). These implicit and unconscious behaviors can deter females from wanting to join or stay with a team. The simple existence of a woman in a male-dominated space is resistance to the patriarchal norms of today’s society. Add bro-culture, unconscious bias, and the highly capitalist green rush of the cannabis industry and you get another systemic cocktail of toxicity for womxn.

We’re better than that.

Let’s foster a non-toxic community where womxn are authentically and publicly celebrated for the bad ass work they do; while normalizing and growing cultures with opportunity for all.

If you or someone you know should be recognized and appreciated in The Garden, please fill out the contact form below.

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