Lauryn Wyatt

Know your worth. Do not underestimate or undersell yourself. Don’t hold yourself back. -Lauryn

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Primary sector / current role: Freelance Social Media Strategist

Years in the legal industry: +4 Years

Links: LinkedIn

How have you been lately? Really?

Survivin’! Trying to be Thrivin’!

What made you say ‘yes’ to being showcased in The Garden?

I love the mission and I’m honored to contribute. 

How did your relationship with weed begin?

I started smoking when I was around 16 or so. My parents were in the military and like most kids in the 90s, I was a DARE kid. Cannabis consumption wasn’t necessarily looked down upon in my household, it just wasn’t recommended. 

Generally describe your day-to-day in the legal cannabis industry.

I’m a freelancer so I’m lucky to say that my day-to-day changes every day! It’s a mix of strategizing, content creation, copywriting, editing, scheduling, research, etc. 

What would you say your greatest strengths are?

Definitely copywriting and strategy.

What has your experience been like in the legal industry? Really?

Honestly, it was a rocky start. I was naive and worked somewhere for no pay for way too long. I’ve been freelancing for a year and a half now and it allows me the creative and personal freedom to do what I want. 

What is a defining moment that made you stronger, that you don’t mind sharing?

I worked for a small ad agency for about a year. It was a very toxic environment. I won’t get into the details but when I left, I realized that if these jabronis could make it in the advertising world, I definitely could. I started freelancing a few weeks after I left that position. 

How would you assess the opportunity landscape in the cannabis industry, right now, from your perspective?

I think there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the cannabis industry and legalization movement. The industry is truly in its nascency. If you have an idea and the initiative to pursue it – do so! 

What impact do you think the decriminalization of weed, on a global or national scale, would have on the industry? (DE&I, fiscally, environmentally, socially–any matter, really.)

Decrim is a start but I’m rooting for it to be descheduled. I just hope we’ll be able to make this industry as equitable and sustainable as it should be. 

Who/what are some of your biggest influences in becoming the amazing queen you are?

My friends and family make me a better creator, friend, and human. 

If you could give your younger self who is just starting out in this space one piece of advice what would it be? 

Know your worth. Do not underestimate or undersell yourself. Don’t hold yourself back.

What’s your favorite way to do self care?

A blunt, some bomb ass food, a juicy reality tv show, and hanging out with my pup and partner. Sans phone.

Published by Adriana J.M.

Adriana tries to bring her appreciation for the natural world and human existence to everything she creates. She enjoys music, aesthetics, outdoor activities, and puns.

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